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    USBFS Re-Initialize at run time

      Hello Dears,


      We have a device using PSoC5LP devices. It performs a USB communication to a PC, with continuous data streaming, from device to the PC. It is similar to a camera capturing images and transferring them to PC as a continuous video stream. Everything works very well on normal cases. However, the device is designed for industry/factories, and some customers reported that the device stops communicating with PC sometimes, and they need to power off and on. When we investigated the issue  we found that. When another machine on the factory (which is equipped with many motors) is started, our PSoC device stops communication. The device is not reset, or lost power supply is not down, by the USBFS stops working. We looked at it with debugger, and indeed the program counter stops in the USBFS functions, the PSoC device does not continue executing codes.


      I would like to consult on you, if you know a reset mechanism only for the USBFS? If possible, I would be pleased to implement a watchdof only for the USBFS, insteadm of resetting the entire device and losing all the current state.


      Kind Regards,