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    USB Error Handling For Electrically Noisy Environments

      Hi all,


      we are currently struggling with USB connection instabilities with FX2 hispeed devices. We have been using them for long and they are generally quite stable. The present issues seem to (empirically) relate to electrically noisy environments. Symptoms vary a lot, from device not getting recognized to Control- or Bulk Xfers failing.

      Now I stumbled over the Cypress Appnote 1036

      "January 15, 2002

      Document No. 001-17096 Rev. ** 1

      USB Error Handling For Electrically Noisy Environments"

      found at http://www.cypress.com/file/74566/download

      It basically says that in such cases the device driver should do some more error handling.  However, it is very old.

      Could anyone tell me to what extent the Cypress drivers (CYUSB, CYUSB3) are actually implementing this and maybe from what version?

      Anyy other help regarding diagnostics or debug strategies for such issues would be much appreciated.



      MIchael Wahl