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    CY4532 EX-PD CCG3PA EVK Voltage drop issue



      I'm using CY4532 EX-PD CCG3PA EVK as a power source (TA: Travel Adapter) for my sink role board.

      The strange phenomena happen in the vbus is not 5V situation.

      For example, if sink board requested 6V PPS (Programmable Power Supply), CY4532 EVK's vbus goes upto exactly 6V and then drops to 0 voltage and then goes up to 5V and goes to 6V without any PD communication, and drops again. Doing this activity repeatedly.

      If I address the issues here.

           1. Voltage drops down to 0V after change the VBUS which is requested.

           2. VBUS voltage transit 0 to 5 and to 6V without the PD communication.


      Here is the measured value by oscilloscope.



      Would anyone help to solve these issues?