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    PSoC Programmer error



      I'm using the PSoC programmer on some custom boards with CY8C5868LTI-LP038.

      I can program properly most of them.

      However, for 2 of them I always get this error message:

      "262144 FLASH bytes

      Erase Succeeded

      Programing of flash starting

      Failled: Time out of SPC Polling

      Lost communication with chip



      For the other one the message ends with "Status=0x26".


      I've inspected the 5 wire connection from the programmer to the board and every thing seems OK.


      I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint of what these error codes mean, so I know what to look for.

      Any feedback is appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          SPC Polling is one of the subroutines used to check if the SROM Command completed successfully or not which is an essential part of the programming specification. The timeout is 1 second. Your device isn't responding within the given time frame and hence is failing.


          Please attach a screenshot of the PSoC Programmer window so that I can see the port settings and any other useful clues.




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            Hi Dheeraj,


            Please see the attached imageprogrammer_error.jpg.

            Not sure it's going to be very useful because I can program other boards all right, so the settings should be OK.

            It's just these 2 boards that have this error and I couldn't find anything wrong with the layout, or checking with the scope the signals.

            I was thinking to change the processor to see if this makes a difference.


            Thank you for your help.

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              Did you try upgrading the firmware under Utilities tab? Let me know your observations.




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                Can you share the schematic of your board so that I can have a look? But since other boards are getting programmed correctly, I don't think the schematic has any problems. The two boards might be faulty which could be the only reasoning I can think of.