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    Missing binary data in UART receive interrupt


      A binary data reception interrupt program is being created using CY8CKIT - 059.

      The communication conditions are 19,200 bps DataBit = 8 Parity = non stop = 1 Rx buffersizu = 100 and actual reception is about 30 characters.

      The interrupt module was connected to the rx_interrupu terminal of the UART.



      I created the code as follows, but sometimes the data dropout occurs.



      I would appreciate it if you could give me advice on what is the cause and how I can solve it.



      Below is the receive interrupt part



      if ( UART_ReadRxStatus() == UART_RX_STS_FIFO_NOTEMPTY ){

      bufsize = UART_GetRxBufferSize();






                  if (data_cnt==22 )whm_rev_end=1;