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    Help with I2C Master


      Hello, I'm a newbie learning I2C with the PSoC5 Dev Kit. I found some example code and have tried to implement an I2C Master. The Master sends out 3 bytes. I have tried to use the BridgeControl Panel to read the data but am have some troubles. Here is a screen shot of the BridgeControl:




      I should be seeing +'s in the response window which means that the Master didn't send the data. I will upload my project for anyone to look over and see what I may be doing wrong.


      Thank you,


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          Hi Joe,


          Bridge Control Panel can not be used as I2C Slave.

          Recommend to use some logic analysis tool or a PSoC I2C Slave to verify the master code.




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            HI, thank you for responding to my post. I was watching the Youtube video PSoC 101 I2C Transmit example. In that example is the PSoc the slave? I guess the comment on the video there is saying the BridgeControl is the Master, is that correct?


            What about using 2 PSoC kits connected together two laptop computers to run the PSoc code, is that do-able? I just want learn how to implement an I2C Master.