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    PDL 3.0.4 causes Build to Fail


      Selecting CE222793_MotionSensor_RTOS.cywrk from the CY8CKIT-062-BLE kit options in the Start Page of Cypress' PSoC Creator 4.2 doesn't Build if the PDL selected under Tools > Options is 3.0.4.


      The project builds fine if the PDL selected is 3.0.1.


      I only noticed this after another user was having build issues and mentioned RTOS.

      I wasn't having build issues but noticed Creator was pointing to the older 3.0.1 version of PDL even though I'd loaded the latest 3.0.4.

      When I change the "PDL v3 (PSoC 6 devices) location:" link found at Tools > Options to 3.0.4 and run a Clean and Build, the following error appears:

           prj.M0120:Build error: FreeRTOS.h: No such file or directory

           prf.M0120:Build error: The command 'arm-non-eabi-gcc.exe' failed with exit code '1'.


      Switching back to 3.0.1 all works fine.



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          Hello Greg,

          Did you check the option under "Building Settings" -> "Customizer" -> "Peripheral Driver Library" -> "RTOS"?

          I guess this may be the matter.

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            Thank you.

            The RTOS selection was not checked after I selected 3.0.4. Selecting RTOS resolved my issue.

            It appears when changing PDL versions in the Tools > Options > Project Management > PDL v3 (PSoC 6 devices) location: box; the RTOS selection under Project > Build Settings > <selected project> > Customizer > Peripheral Driver Library toggles. I'll make a note to check PDL version followed by a re-check of the RTOS selection if any changes were made.


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              ID-CFI ASO にアクセスし、デバイスIDを読み出すための手順を教えてください。また、C ソースコードのサンプルはありませんか?






              Manufacture IDは0x0001が読み出せるはずが、0x0055が格納されていました。



              MPN    S29GL128S90TFI020


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