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    CyU3PSpiTransmitWords  SDK 1.34 version

      After transferring the project from SDK 1.33 version to SDK 1.34 version, the Cyclone IV FPGA download stopped working in PS(Passive Serial ) mode

      via the function CyU3PReturnStatus_t CyU3PSpiTransmitWords (uint8_t * data, uint32_t byteCount)

      When you roll back to the SDK 1.33 library through build variables FX3SDKVERSION, the download resumed.

      With a detailed comparison of the source code, Cyu3spi.c detected a common bug (1.33 1.34) for the static "timeout" variable.

      It is initialized once before entering the loop, and it is used several times in the loop.

      In version 1.33, there is a check for the flag CY_U3P_LPP_SPI_TX_SPACE, in version 1.34 is not available(not check).