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    Time delay error

      Hello, I"m very new to PSoC.

      I want to let existing program which I got from another person to work.

      The program have been built perfectly. So if I set my PSoC creator correctly, it can work.

      However there is a note and a warning.


      The note is "pft.M0040: The following 2 pins will be assigned a location by the filter:\USBFS_1:Dm(0)\,/USBFS_1:Dp(0)\"


      The warning is "sta.M0021:Warning-1350: Asynchronous path(s) exist from "\ADC_DelSig_1:DEC\ /interrupt" to "CyBUS_CLK". See the timingreport for details.


      When I try to program and debug, it collapsed by encountering error.

      I'm afraid that the warning causes this error.


      I know that ClockSyncronization is problem and I should add some clock components to my program.


      Please teach me how to put clock component.

      or should I have to change any settings?


      I attached my time report also.


      And I write configuration of my PC


      PCoS Creator 4.2

      My board is PSoC 5lp (CY8C5)


      Thanks in advance