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    Problem running example for PSoC 4 L-Series Pioneer Kit




      I am using PSoC 4 L-Series Pioneer Kit and was able successfully to program it with the CY8CKIT_046_Deep_Sleep_Blincky01 example.

      However, my task is to use it for controlling 3 SPI buses (receive data from one of them and redistribute it to one of the other two).

      So I found this example, that I think can  be a good starting point for me: DMA_SPI_PSoC4.


      The first time when I tried to program it to the device I got the "wrong target device" message.  So I re-targeted the project to CY8C4248BZI-L479 using Device Selector.  This seems to solve the problem.  However, it seems that the example doesn't work correctly: the SUCCESS led isn't ON.  When I debugged, I noticed that this condition is always FALSE.

      if(0u == (CyDmaGetInterruptSourceMasked() ^ (RxDmaM_CHANNEL_MASK | RxDmaS_CHANNEL_MASK)))

      Given that I have no prior experience doing any embedded programming programming, I am stuck and looking for any help I can get.