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    Need Help for creating a protected firmware distribution system


      Hi all. I need to create a system to share firmware with my customers without sharing plain hex files. In two words I need to give my customer the possibility to program his prototypes with my test firmware for a limited period of time (or for an exact number of devices) just for firmware evaluation/testing.

      We are currently developing a windows software based on Psoc Programmer. Essentially our customer receives credentials to access a encrypted hex file. The windows client downloads (in ram) the encrypted hex, decrypts it (in ram) and then instructs PsocProgrammer to program the device. At no time hex file is present on disk, either encrypted or decrypted.

      The problem we are facing is that, looking at PSoC Programmer COM API, there seem to be non  possibility to load the hex file directly from RAM. 

      The only way we found to load HEX data is

      HEX_ReadFile(string IN fileName, OUT imageSize, string OUT strError).

      We wold need to have something as

      HEX_ReadFromBuffer( byte[] buffer, OUT imageSize, string OUT strError)

      Do anyone have a solution for this? Am I missing something?

      Thank you in advance for you help