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    Confirm voice


      I am using CYBT-343026-EVAL now.

      After paring to a BT Headset,I want to confirm voice from CYBT-343026-EVAL .

      At first, I use CYBT-343026-EVAL pari to a BT Headset with Client control.

      For Confirm whether there is a voice between CYBT-343026-EVAL and BT Headset,

      I connected pin of CYBT-343026-EVAL with oscilloscope,I can see CPU clock waveform and

      Frame sync edge waveform,but I can't see any waveform relate to voice.

      Then I connected all the  else other pin with oscilloscope,

      I can't see any waveform relate to voice,too.

      Could you tell me how to confirm voice.



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          Hi Cho-san,


          In order to get Cypress feedback, please provide following points.


          1.Which sample application are you using?(It is better to attach file)

          2.Which version of WICED studio are you using?

          3.Please write down detail testing procedure.

             e.g:     1.Program xxx application

                        2.Power on board.

                        3.Run Client control application and connect device as HFP AG.

                         4.Paring start from HF device and succeeded correctly.

                         5. ...


          Cypress needs to know detail testing procedure to know your situation exactly.


          >Dear Cypress guy.


          Please follow this question.


          Thank you.



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            Hello Zhang-san,


            Could you change the following settings:


            1) Turn off the PUART trace.


                   # C_FLAGS += -DWICED_BT_TRACE_ENABLE


            2) Change hardware settings for CYBT-343026-EVAL

               J9: open

               J10: open



            Best regards,