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    3.5.2 firmware binary compatible with WICED Studio 6.2.1


      I have a custom built binary provided by Cypress in collaboration with our chip supplier that was generated for our implementation of WICED which was version 3.5.2. It's basically the regular version of the firmware, except it has the mfgtest mode enabled. We use this in production firmware since we are using a custom package BCM43341, and need to be able to set the TX power of the chip. Would it be possible to continue using this binary if we were to upgrade our SDK to 6.2.1? If not, what would be the latest version we could upgrade to/is there a custom build we can get again based off the latest SDK?




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          Hi :

            For  custom package BCM43341 , Do you mean you get a customized firmware from other support  channel?  not using the released firmware in SDK .    I just check 43340 in 6.2.1 , it has no CLM divided, so this should be no problem .  I think you need to upgrade nv+ firmware together from 3.5.2 to 6.2.1 if you still want to use the old one.

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            Since this appears to be a custom implementation of our firmware, please disclose your chip supplier so I can talk to them about the engagement model that was agreed upon.  Note that our support team on the community is trained to support standard broad market implementations of our firmware.  For custom implementations, the chip supplier themselves should lean on us directly for support through the channels we have setup for their use.