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    CY7C65211 cyusbserial.dll library function CyI2cRead() length bug, errata?




      I use latest version of cyusbserial.dll downloaded from http://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/usb-serial-software-development-kit

      My currently working setup is Win10 x64 and 2 versions of cyusbserial.dll

      Selected is I2C communication.

      Writing and reading works!

      Logic analyzer


      Reading function CyI2cRead() reads more bytes than desired.

      With latest library it reads 8+desired (example. when I want to read 1 byte, it reads 9 bytes)

      See attached .zip file for contents.


      There seems to be the difference between library versions. Older library reads 2 bytes when reading 1byte



      For further explanation I am more than happy to elaborate.


      Kind regards,




      i know Linux implementation is Open Source.

      Don't have working Linux setup, so I don't have time to debug *.so what is going wrong.