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    FCC test firmware



      I'm trying to develop using CYBT-423028 eval board and eventually will use the pre-certified module on my own PCBA. Does anyone know where I can find the firmware for RED or FCC tests? Such as continuous transmissions and etc.

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          We use an internal testing tool named Bluetool for our cert tests. 


          However, the module is already fully certified, so there is no requirement to repeat any of the testing.

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            Yes, we would hope to leverage on the certification. However, we are using two pre-certified module in our final product, and FCC require either a preliminary assessment on collocation, or probably testing. We are trying to put the two modules as far apart as possible, so It is very likely for us to justify the interference between two transceivers is minimal or acceptable.

            I'd love to hear how you guys suggest to go about this.