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    S71KS512 - missing R/W specification in datasheet



      We need to use S71KS512 (multi hyperRAM/hyperFLASH), but in datasheet I don't find a description of Read/Write diagram or specification.

      1. What does it mean ? Is it exactly the same access as S26KS512S.

      2. Is there any difference between hyperFlash access and hyperRAM access ?


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          Hi Ranran,


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          The Read/Write transaction depends upon the HyperBus Specifications. Therefore, it will be same for both HyperFlash and HyperRam.

          The S71KS512S supplement datasheet addresses only the Multi-Chip Package related differences from the HyperBus Specification and the individual HyperFlash and HyperRAM datasheets. For all other information related to the individual memories in the MCP, refer to the HyperBus, HyperFlash, and HyperRAM datasheets.


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