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    [BUG] BLE central can't connect to peripherals/sensors


      I'm testing with WICED SDK 6.2.1 and the demo app "restful_smart_server".
      It is possible to make a ble scan and get the results, but when trying to connect to a peripheral it does not work!
      The connection fails every time.


      When using the demo app "restful_smart_server" of WICED SDK 5.2.1 everything is working (scan, connect, read, write, ...)!


      It seems, that WICED SDK 6.2.1 has some major problems with BLE (see also WiFi and BLE are not working together (tags: link up, link down, BLE) ),
      and can't be referred to as "production ready".


      best regards,
      Gregor Bader