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    About eFuse of CYUSB3014

      Hi,I would like to change Cypress's VID to our VID using eFuse.

      How can I do it.

      Should I contact Cypress directly?

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          Can you please let us know why do you want to change Cypress's VID to your VID using eFuse?


          If you want the bootloader to enumerate with your own VID and PID, you may use the B2 image format. If the 0xB2 boot option is specified, the USB descriptor uses the customer-defined VID and PID stored as part of the 0xB2 image in the SPI flash/ EEPROM.


          Example Image for Boot with VID and PID

          Location1: 0xB2 0x10 ā€ŸYā€Ÿ ā€ŸCā€Ÿ                                   //CY Signature, 20 MHz, 0xB2 Image

          Location2: 0x04B40008                                            //VID = 0x04B4 | PID = 0x0008


          Please let us know your requirements in detail so that we can provide an apt solution



          Anil Srinivas.

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            Hi Anil,


            Thank you for your reply.


            We develop, produce, and sell debugging tools used for debugging of the program

            in development of products using micro computer.

            We have already released a product used FX3  and its boot mode is Sync ADMUX.

            We want to change the boot mode from Sync ADMUX to USB boot at next product.

            When USB boot, PC recognizes a FX3 device as a  Cypress USB normaly, but

            we want PC to recognize our own VID using eFuse.


            Best regards,

            Koichi Sumida

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              Please check this KBA and let us know whether this helps you instead of efuse method.

              FX3 as Custom USB Bootloader - KBA218343