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    Sample projects for fast DMA USB streaming




      I'm building a USB data acquisition process around a CY8CKIT-059 which is producing about 500kB/s of data (via DMA) for about 200ms --- which is 100kB, which is too much to store in RAM. So, obviously I need to stream this via USB.


      Reading the forums, this does appear to be possible, just --- it looks like the device maxes at at about 550kB/s. But it looks like its really tricky.


      Because it's tricky, does anyone happen to have an example project which does this already, with all the inevitable mistakes made and fixed? It would save me loads of time and let me focus on the interesting part of the problem (the data acquisition bit).


      As a future extension, I will need to be able to transfer data from the PC to the device so as to reproduce the same data stream, so if anyone knows how to do that too that'd be great, but mainly right now I need to be able to do the device->PC bit.