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    Reprogramming Factory Programmed CY22393/4/5 Device With CY3672

      Is it possible to reprogram factory programmed (pre-programmed) CY22393ZXC-xxx / CY22394ZXC-xxx / CY22395ZXC-xxx devices using the CY3672 with CY3672ADP003A adapter to change the default output frequencies ?


      This question was posted over 10 years ago already but never answered.

      There was a similar question around the same time for the CY22392, this one was answered and due to the lack of the I2C bus pins on that device, apparently only the factory would be able to reprogram the CY22392.


      I'm hoping that because the CY22393/4/5 does have the I2C pins, that the CY3672 programmer can be used to reprogram factory pre-programmed parts.