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    Problem CY7C65630-56LTXI cannot access to USB peripherals

      Hi all,

      I am using CY7C65630-56LTXI connected to 2 FTDI chips. The EEPROM used is MT25QL256ABA8E12-1SIT. When connected to PC, Windows does not recognize any FTDI peripheral (port COM) but only one unknown peripheral. On linux it’s the same, but it recognizes one periheral CY7C65630 not the 2 FTDI. 


      Before that I used CY7C65630-56LTXA with EEPROM N25Q256A13E1240E on the exact same PCB routing and that worked perfectly.


      Do I need driver for CY7C65630-56LTXI ? Is EEPROM MT25QL256ABA8E12-1SIT compatible with CY7C65630 ?


      Thank you