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    I2C ACK Polling



      With PSoC 5, I2C Master UDB configuration, I am interfacing to a Microchip 244AA64F EEPROM. My goal is to write information to the EEPROM, then read back to verifty. So far I have only been successful by using a fixed CyDelay() with a minimum of 4 milliseconds. The Microchip data sheet has a flowchart for ACK polling which I've attempted but my status from I2C is always I2C_MSTR_ERR_LB_NAK, then becomes I2C_MSTR_BUS_BUSY and never becomes I2C_MSTR_NO_ERROR.


      Once the write has been performed a I2C_1_MasterSendStop()_is sent. Then I would like to somehow poll that the write cycle has completed and continue on.  The Microchip datasheet states that while a write cycle is in progress, the chip will not submit an ACK and recommends sending a start condition until the ACK is returned. This is how I've implemented it (unsuccessfully).


      status = I2C_1_MasterSendStart(0x50, I2C_1_WRITE_XFER_MODE) ;

      while(status != I2C_1_MSTR_NO_ERROR)


           I2C_1_MasterSendStart(0x50, I2C_1_WRITE_XFER_MODE) ;



      Is there a simple, tried and true method for polling?

      Thanks, Nick