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    Help going from programming a hand full of PCBas to programming 2000


      Dear community,


      We have a PCBa with the CY8C4126 on, we use a Miniprog3 programmer via spring loaded pins going to pads on the PCBa.  We are using the PSoC software on a windows PC to program the chip.  At the current time we are clicking on the little icon in the program to program every time.  Now we are ramping up production I would like to make something a bit more "professional".


      I was hoping for some ideas and direction on how to build a more automatic rig, where the person on the line just has to mount the PCBa in a jig, close the arm to clamp it in place   The mechanics of it i have in place, It's more on the software and programming side I was hoping to get some suggestions.


      Looking forwards to hearing from you all.






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