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    How to use the APIs ?

      Hello, I have a question.


      I have the tag board and have read some documents and could download the sample programs and work well.


      Next, I am making a original code but I couldn't the API reference.

      I found the API reference html at WICDED-Smart-SDK->Doc->API.html but many functions are not explained.


      For example, the SDK make some code automatically when I make the project like,




      but, there is no explanation of the function's argument.


      How could I do?


      I don't want to know just the mean of the function. I want to know "how" to study the APIs.

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          you may like to browse the below document for a start. most often than not, we start with a sample app like hello_sensor  in the sdk and modify from there.. we also have the smart_designer within the sdk to assist you...


          How to Write WICED Smart Applications

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            Thank you for the reply.


            I already have read the document, Quick Start Guide, Hardware Interfaces Application Note, Bluetooth Core Specification and other documents that could download from Broadcom site.

            I have experience of developing other BLE chip.


            But I don't think the documents and the samples have enough information to use the APIs.


            for example,


            I have checked hello_sensor sample already and found a function of



            then I can imagine that it sets transmit power while advertisement, but the sample have no comment for the argument.

            I have searched the directly of the SDK but there is no information of the argument at all.

            I think we have to control the tx power especially for beacon device. I know many engineer use the SIP module, but I don't understand how they study the meaning of APIs in detail.

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              Parameter is in dBm and the stack chooses closest value found in the power table which is +3, -1, -5, -9,-13, -17, -21, -25 dBm



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                Thank you for the reply.


                But I want to know how to study for using the APIs in detail. Not just for the blecm_setTxPowerInADV() function.


                Anyway, the value of dBm of the tx power can be from -127 to +127, from BLE specification.

                What is the "the power table" ? Where can I see it? I have serched the SDK folder but couldn't find the table.



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                  Unfortunately, the only API documentation we provide is that which is included within the SDK (Deoxygen output, HTML based).


                  The power table is used by frmware and is not exposed to users.  The increments described by J.T (provided by the developers) in the previous note are what should be used within your program.

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                    I understood.


                    Thank you.