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    PSoC Analog Co-processor Alternate SWD Interface

      Just a PSoC Analog Co-processor based board (CY8C4A45LQI-483) for testing and I'm currently having issues programming it (Seeing the generic -> FAILED! PSoC device is not acquired! Check connection of the chip to the programmer).


      After further inspection it turned out that the board is using P3.2,P3.3 for the SWD interface instead of P0.0, P0.1 as shown in the reference design (CY8CKIT-048).

      However the chip's datasheet specifies that P3.2/P3.3 can also be used for SWD .

      * how do I configure PSoC Programmer/Creator to use cpuss.swd_data:1/cpuss.swd_data:1 (P3.2/P3.3) for programming instead of cpuss.swd_data:0/cpuss.swd_data:0 (P0.0/P0.1)


      The system tab only offers on SWD option in the Programming/Debugging -> Debug Select drop down.


      I'm using:

      PSoC Creator  4.1 Update 1 (

      PSoC Programmer



      System Tabs:


      Documentation Excerpt: