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    Query regarding the  CYUSB3KIT-001 -FX3 USB Evaluation Kit

      Hi Team ,


      We are using a CYUSB3KIT-001 –Cypress Evaluation board for the USB Validation , it act as a Device , and I have USB Test fixture which acts as a Host.

      For performing the USB 3.0 Compliance validation , we need to get a LFPS signal from the device.

      In order to get the LFPS signal the device has to initiate the Receiver (Rx) detection path.


      Is there any provision to initiate the Rx detection in the Evaluation board(Device) CYUSB3KIT-001?

      If it is enabled ,then only we can get the LFPS signal from the Host.


        Please help me on this and let me know how do we go further for doing the compliance validation for USB3.0

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