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    Anaren A20737 code on CYBLE-013025-00



      I have a working firmware code running on Anaren's A20737. Since Anaren discontinued that module, I am now trying to use CYBLE-013025-00 instead.


      On the WICED Smart IDE, I have recompiled the Anaren code with the option PLATFORM_NV=SFLASH. I was able to program the Cypress module using the Anaren's A4WP-1BLE programming hardware, and their Atmosphere Programmer GUI. The GUI went through the motions and did not produce any errors. Now the newly programmed Cypress module shows up on scanner apps on my iPhone, but the scanner does not seem able to read its service UUID. And because of this, my own control app that works fine with the Anaren module, does not see the Cypress module at all.


      Has anyone been through successful transition from A20737 to CYBLE-013025-00? And if so, any idea on where I am going wrong? Do I need different/other compile options? Do I need to use a different programming hardware an/or software?


      Alternatively, If I can be pointed to a working code for CYBLE-013025-00 that does translate BT commands to I2C outputs, I can use that as base code and add the functionality I need.

      Thanks in advance.