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    bootloader host - Command not recognised


      I have two versions of a project -SC5, and the later version SC6. They both contain the same Bootloader Project. The target project (SC5/SC6) differs slightly.

      I program each board with the bootloader via the kitprog module, then program the application via a direct USB cable and the Bootloader Host (tools > Bootloader host... from PCoC Creator 4.2.

      The SC5 version programs fine with no problems. However, in attempting to program the SC6 version in Bootloader Host I get the error message:

      "The bootloader reported error 'Command not recognized: the supported commands are defined in the Bootloader section of the System Reference Guide'."

      In the SC6 module Bootloadable component Dependencies I have set the path to the bootloader hex file to:

      ..\Bootloader.cydsn\CortexM3\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\Bootloader.hex   and the bootloader elf file to

      ..\Bootloader.cydsn\CortexM3\ARM_GCC_541\Debug\Bootloader.elf   in the SC6 workspace.  The Bootloader Host path to the file is set to:



      If I point Bootloader Host to the same file in the SC5 workspace the board is programmed fine with no problem except that it has been programmed with the SC5 softwar, not the SC6 software.

      I'm sure I am missing somethin but can't see what. I can't see anything in the bootloader component to specify the target. Only the dependencies in the target to specify the bootloader

      Can anyone help please?