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    OTA Update (from 5.1.0 to 6.1.0)



      Since two/three days I'm trying to update via the OTA, transition V1 to a V2 by modifying several things:

      - transition from WICED5.1 to WICED6.1

      - Using the mqtt protocol to communicate with a new server

      - plus some minor modification.


      However, I can not achieve this update and it seems that this is associated with the size of my file, which increases in large part by the use of mbedTLS Re: MBEDTLS occupies lot of memory space after an upgrade .


      Binary file store in external file reach ~530ko (previously 390ko).


      I tried to modify the wiced_apps.mk (tools / makefiles) and platform_dct.h (WICED / platform / include) files to enlarge the sectors without success.

      Can you guide me to find a solution?


      I read a some similar issues (seems to be solved but I do not understand why ?) :

      OTA Slots as defined in ota_fr.c

      Re: OTA upgrade problem

      ota_fr fail @ grater size of update file than DCT_APP0 size

      OTA upgrade without FR on 3.1.2