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    How to enable the USB CDC ECM in WICED

      • SDK: WICED-SDK 6.2
      • USBX: Ver5.8


      We're trying to use the CYW43907's USB function as a USB ethernet device, and we found USBX supports the USB-CDC-ECM class (wiced-sdk\libraries\drivers\USB\USBX\ver5.8\usbx_device_classes\ux_device_class_cdc_ecm.h)


      But when we add the code to compile with these APIs, some error happens.


      Cannot found #include "ux_network_driver.h"

      Cannot found the reference for "_ux_device_class_cdc_ecm_entry"


      It seems the USBX library in WICED-SDK is a lite version, not contained these functions.


      How we can get a full function USBX library to support this USB-CDC-ECM?