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    Self and Mutual capacitance at the same time


      Hello everyone,

      this case of mine is just to a feasibility / pre-design stage, anyway:

      I have a capacitive application involving a trackpad and some single capacitive buttons, to use in a harsh environment.

      In order to reduce the population of pins, and to have a smaller tail in the sensing FPC, I was minding to use a mutual-capacitive configuration.

      As far as I know the mutual-capacitance is less sensitive to noise with respect to self-capacitance.

      My wonder is: in order to get a robust system, is it possible to use the same CSD component to scan the keys with the self-capacitance technique (I will sense the Rows and the Columns, of course) and then switch to mutual-capacitance to identify where the touch is?


      And, over all, does this make sense?

      Thank you very much in advance