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    On die temperature CYPD3135


      I'm using a CYPD3135 and PSoC Creator 3. The CCG3 Technical Reference manual mentions that there is an on die temperature sensor embedded in the 8-bit ADC blocks. However, there isn't much documentation around how to use this sensor. Digging around in some of the generated source code, I found references to a temperature fault event as well. How would I go about enabling the internal temp sensor and the fault interrupt?



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          Hi Jake,


          CCG3 do not integrate die temperature sensor inside. CCG3 TRM says as below:


          CCG3 contains two ADC blocks. The ADC is an 8-bit SAR ADC, which can measure the voltage on either AMUX bus, measure the supply voltage level, and measure the on-die temperature.


          The ADC can measure the on-die temperature.


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