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    CAP sensing raw data drifting problem (CY8CMR3102)



      I started a new design with CY8CMR3102, used a STM32F103 MCU to configure and read the raw data from Sensor by I2C.


      The PCB is a round shape(6cm diameter), a 1mm wide trace on edge of board as Proxmitiy sensor's antenna ( connects to CS0 pin though a 560ohm resistors).

      CMOD is 2.2nF.


      Here is the problem: the raw data I retrieved from sensor drifting a lot. In amibent temperature, the board will take 1 mintues to stay on the stable reading level. Then I put the board on temperature chamber running from -20(C) degree to +70(C)degree, monitoring the raw data, it will drift singanificant amount. I did try different configuration by setting different sensitivity value, different filters, enable/disable EMC function, but none of them can stop the raw data drifting.


      My first guess is the whole pcb 's capacitance would impact the CMOD pin?  Or some charging/discharing problem between the proximity sensor antenna and the ground plane?


      Any suggestions/thoughts will be greatly appreciated!