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    CY8C21x23 programmed with KitProg

      I am attempting to program a CY8C21223-24SXI with PSOC Designer 5.4 and a KitProg with the 2.20 firmware. So far I have had no luck getting the programmer to recognize the device. I have confirmed that SCLK is wired to Port1[1] and SDATA is wired to Port1[0] and both these pins are dedicated for ISSP purposes with nothing else connected to them. I have tried following the programming specifications found here (www.cypress.com/file/42196/download) but have hit a wall. It appears that I am stuck at the "wait and Poll" step with the programmer attempting to identify the device that is connected without success.


      Below are 2 screenshots of the SCLK (yellow) and SDATA (blue) lines during the programmers attempts to connect. Both screenshots appear to show the programmer trying different 'mnemonic bit streams' (it appears to try quite a few patterns) before eventually giving up.


      Thank you for your help in advance.