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          Hello, I only know 8M when I operate external flash, but how many pieces are there? Or what is the size of each partition?

          How does the operation of external flash work?

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            for RAM, please find the file like below to get the info:



            for Flash, I got something from download command:

            1. bootloader : start from 0x0000

            2. DCT.bin:         start from 0x8000

            3. apps.bin:      start from 0x10000 , size is 4k bytes.

            4. filesystem:       sector size is 4k,  start @sector 17 size 129 , means : occupy 129*4k .

            5. app0 image:   followed after filesystem, start@sector 146 , size 104 .


            Bootloader, DCT, Apps LUT and Filesystem. The location for the Application

            is dependent on the size of the Resource Filesystem. If the Resource Filesystem size changes, the destination address  for the Application will change.