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      I have been using FX3 for a camera project for quite a while.

      Recently, I'm investigating some awkward behavior which might be related to corrupted STACK. ThreadX documentation mentions option to build ThreadX library with TX_ENABLE_STACK_CHECKING in order to enable register thread stack error notification callback UINT tx_thread_stack_error_notify(VOID (*error_handler)(TX_THREAD *)); while this function exist in the FX3 SDK, it returns TX_FEATURE_NOT_ENABLED (0xFF), that means system was not compiled with performance information enabled. Is there an option to turn this feature on?


      Feature description from ThreadX documentation:

      This service registers a notification callback function for handling thread stack errors. When ThreadX detects a thread stack error during execution, it will call this notification function to process the error. Processing of the error is completely defined by the application. Anything from suspending the violating thread to resetting the entire system may be done.





      PS. I wasn't able to open MyCase, so I hope this forum can help me find the answer.

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          Hello Marko,


          By default, the Stack checking option is disabled in ThreadX. This can be enabled by defining the TX_ENABLE_STACK_CHECKING in the tx_user.h file which is present in the following path. The FX3 SDK firmware source has to be unzipped.



          EDIT: After you modify the SDK source, it has to be compiled into a library. The steps to perform this are included in the attached document.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S

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