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    How to include PARTIAL EEPROM in Hex/CYACD File?


      For PSoC5 it is possible to include the EEPROM in the programming (hex and cyacd) files by selecting the "Include EEPROM image in Hex file" but this is an all or nothing selection.


      I would like to instead only include half of the EERPOM in the programming files, I use the half included to store serial data that gets programmed during in system update, but the other half is used by the application for logging, and I do not want this data to get overwritten during an in system update.


      Is there a way to do this in the tool?  It looks like no.


      If no, what would be the reccomended way to accomplish this, the two things I can think of are:


      1) Manually (or using a script) remove the EEPROM rows from the hex/cyacd that I do not want programmed

      2) Write the bootloader program to make the EEPROM application rows write protected through the in system update interface.


      I am thinking option 1 might be the best if I can have a script that automatically edits the hex and cyacd during the build process to remove these rows.  Any guidance is appreciated.