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    how to use HID with BLE dongle(CY5670)



      hi I have two BLE dongle(CY5670)

      when I connect the one it's being Cyress KitProg and the other is


      like this I want to make first to second.


      also I have a bluetooth mouse that developed by my company


      when I use that I usally pairing with BLE dongle(CY5670)


      Press the sw2 on dongle and the blue LED will blink rapidly.


      when I turn on the mouse and pair it, the blinking LED will turn off and then turn blue


      Since then the mouse will work, but when I want to turn off the paired mouse and try to connect another mouse


      I can not connect. Pressing the reset button does not work.


      If it is a normal pairing, LED1 must be turned off and on, but when I connect another mouse, it will turn off but not turn on


      Anyone who knows how to solve this problem, plz help me