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    Programmable Power Supply in CCGx?


      Is programmable power supported or planned to be supported in the CCGx firmware? Both as a PD-source and making a Request for a specific voltage level. Or is it possible to implement ourself? We do of course the DC/DC-communication part. Or it would require changes to the closed part of the PD-stack?


      Reading the specification it would require exposing the support Programmable Power Supply or Variable Power Supply and for requesting supporting the "Programmable Request Object".




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          Hi Olof,


          1. Please kindly noticed that Cypress latest SDK have support PPS.

          2. You are correct PPS support is not only need PD controller, but also the AC/DC or DC/DC converter can be support 20mV/steps.

          3. If you are designing a power adapter, car charger, power bank solution, CCG3PA can be used. [Strong recommend]

          If you are designing product with power and data support, CCG3,4,5,6 can be used.


          Best Regards,