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    Configuring UART for multiple baud rates

      Hi I am working with PSoC 5 development board 059, I am trying to have an UART or more that are capable of switching their baud rate dynamically.


      My master clock is set to 24 MHz, if I divide the master clock by 96, i get the 31250 baud rate, but to get 115200 it is not an even clock division -> 24 MHz / (115200 *8) =

      26.041. So if I set the clock divider to 26 this would mean an overall error of 0.16% (Error/RealValue)(0.041 / 26.041) I might think this is enough, but I don't know.


      Does anybody knows which is the accepted clock error on UART??


      Thanks in advance, José Manuel Romo


      Edit: I tested, 115200 works, but does any body knows which is the overall error accepted for clock UART devices?