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    Issue with HEX file on PSOC4 --- bdowney1@asu.edu

      I have a CY8CKIT-O42 PSOC 4 Pioneer Kit.  I believe the board is in some background mode or programming mode because the status LED is blinking green ~ every half second.  When I go to PSoC Programmer 3.27.1 it doesn’t see as connected until I upgrade the firm under the utility tab.  PSoC Programmer also tells me in the actions & results window that “Hex file parsing failure.  Hex file does not exist or cannot be opened.”


      When I update the firm the board appears to work and the LED stops flashing and the board appears in the port selection screen in PSoC Programmer as “KitProg/201A0B1003077400” The device family is selected as “CY8C4xxx” and device as “CY8C4245AXI-483”  I ran a checksum in the “PSoC Programmer” and I get the “Hex File parsing Failure. Hexfile Does not exist or cannot be opened”  I believe my issue is the with the hex file if so can I just get another hex file and somehow get it loaded onto my PSOC?


      Please see the link below which has a screen shot that was taken after I completed the above steps.



      P.S. When I unplug the PSOC from my computer after doing the above steps I am back to the initial state where the status LED is flashing.