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    Missing Components: Can't add CYBLE-022001-00 to PSoC Creator CY8CKIT-043 project


      I have a BLE Module (CYBLE-022001-00) and I've soldered it onto the CY8CKIT-043 prototyping kit board.


      I have created a new project using the CY8CKIT-043 template to which I would like to add the BLE module. I have used the Cypress Updater and I think I have the latest modules, but the Cypress Component Catalog shows only 153 components even though the CyComponentLibrary.cylib folder has 271 items in it, including several BLE component modules.


      How do I add the BLE Module to my new project?


      This is a project that I had functioning before while PSoC 4 Pioneer baseboard to program my 4200 module, and I thought this CY8CKIT-043 upgrade would be an improvement, so I have the code running on the other assembly but would like to switch to this one with built in USB for easier testing.




      image (2).png