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    CYW4343W simultaneous master slave


         I'm exploring the capability of CYW4343W to enable master(central) and slave(peripheral) mode simultaneously. I can not find the answer from documents or discussions on the forum. Is this software configurable in WICED?


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          Hello Min-Ching,


          Hope you are asking about BLE Central and Peripheral on CYW4343W.

          If then, yes it will support both roles at the same time.


          Sequence for simultaneous BLE Central/Peripheral 


          1.  Init the BT stack with a management callback

              /* Register call back and configuration with stack */ wiced_bt_stack_init( hello_sensor_management_callback ,&wiced_bt_cfg_settings, wiced_bt_cfg_buf_pools );

          2.  In the management callback on receiving BTM_ENABLED,  register for GATT  and then start adv , and then start scan

          static wiced_result_t hello_sensor_management_callback( wiced_bt_management_evt_t event, wiced_bt_management_evt_data_t *p_event_data )


          WPRINT_BT_APP_INFO(("hello_sensor_management_callback: %x\n", event ));


              switch( event )


          /* Bluetooth  stack enabled */

            case BTM_ENABLED_EVT:

            // Register for GATT callback

            // Start ADV

          //start scan


          Thanks & Regards,

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            Thank you, Anjana. I will try this and provide my feedback later.

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              Hi Anjana,

                   Is it possible we put the device into Central mode first and enable peripheral mode accordingly? I would like to enable/disable peripheral mode without drop the connections to my other peripherals.


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                Hi Anjana,

                    I've tried your suggestion. It worked as expected. Thank you.


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