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    Question related to bonding and advertising data?

      Hi I am a newbie and wanted to understand if it is possible to advertise the data on some value change to the bonded device.

      I am creating the android app which connects to my ble device and pairs it. Now on some button press on the device, I want it to be notified to the mobile app. As far as I understand, once the device is paired and bonded, its not possible to advertise the data from the ble device.


      How should i handle this scenario?


      Appreciate the help. epr_1639216

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          During advertisement, the adv packet data may contain device name, tx power level, service UUID values, …… we can dynamically change the adv packet data during advertisement, this won't effect on bonding. If we made any changes in the BLE device address or in device security tab and trying to connect then the pairing process will takes place again.

          Pairing is the process to enable security features. In this process, two devices are authenticated, the link is encrypted and then the encryption keys are exchanged. Whereas bonding is the process in which the security keys and identify information are saved. These security keys are calculated based on device address, pairing parameters.



          P Yugandhar.