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    about flash AM29F040B and S29AL016J

      AM29F040B is used in the previous design. I will redesign the board to resolve EOL issues. I'd like to know if AM29F040B has EOL risk? I see the part is not recommended for new design in datasheet. Would you pls recommend which part can replace it and no firmware impact?


      I also want to know if S29AL016J has EOL risk? If I use S29AL016J to replace AM29F040B, will firmware be impacted? Thanks!

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          Hello Yalu,


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          The Am29F040B is a 5.0V, 4Mb FLASH memory device.  However, the Am29F040B is obsolete and is not recommended for new designs.


          The S29AL016J is a 3.0V, 16Mb FLASH memory device.  The S29AL016J is active and is scheduled for production through 2022.


          There is also the S29AL008J, which is a 3.0V, 8Mb FLASH memory device.  The S29AL008J has one less adrs line than that of the S29AL016J.  The S29AL008J is also active and is also scheduled for production through 2022, as well.


          URL to S29AL008J datasheet :



          The Command Definitions may be similar, if not identical.   However, please check the individual datasheets for any

          differences in regards to Command Definitions, as well as for timing parameters.


          Hope this helps...



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