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    How to improve TFTP transmission speed


      The module I am using is the EMW3162, which consists of STM32F205 and CYW43362.

      When I use the TFTP example, the test file transfer speed is about 100KByte/s, but I hope the speed can reach 2Mbyte/s. What should I do?

      I use the iperf example to test UDP throughput of about 18Mbps and TCP throughput of 12Mbps. Is this normal? Can CYW43362 not work at 72Mbps?



      Can someone help me, thank you.

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          As you may already know, the data transfer in TFTP happens in terms of blocks of data. Each block of transferred data must be acknowledged by an acknowledgment packet before the next block can be sent. Possible way to increase the TFTP speed is to increase the block size. Kindly try by increasing the block size in multiples of 512. The default size is 512 bytes.


          The TCP/UDP throughput is dependent on the channel bandwidth, band, window size and other parameters. The max throughput mentioned in the datasheet is for 80MHz bandwidth with measurements carried out in the closed chamber. The achievable data rates are usually 60-80% of the mentioned rates.

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