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    Detect protocol 4.1 / 4.2 / 5 (link layer MTU)




      I am working on a high throughput application. I am using the PSoC6, and have been making some test against different receivers. To a BLE 4.2 and 5 receiver everything seems to work as expected, but on a 4.0/4.1 receiver I generate a bit more data than the link can handle.


      I would like to detect the underling MTU of the link layer, so I can adjust the data rates accordingly. How can I do this?? To clarify, I have negotiated a higher GATT MTU of 512, but this is still split into some link layer packets. The MTU of the link layer depends on the protocol, and the receiver, and should be negotiated when I connect to the device. 


      Hope that anyone can help