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    CY8C4025 pin jammed on some Cap Sense Pins


            Hi All,


            Please help to advise.


            I am using CY8C4025 and wants to simulated button jamming

            (e.g. paste a piece of copper foil over certain button) condition and

            we found some of the buttons are unable to recovered from the

            “jam” condition after CapSense_InitializeAllBaseline.


            Flow as below:

      1. Paste a copper foil over one button
      2. All buttons are not responding when pressing
      3. Triggered CapSense_InitializeAllBaseline
      4. All buttons are responding except the one with
        copper foil.


      Condition d only happen for below mentioned
      ports. The rest are able to respond even with copper foil over it.

      P0[5], P0[6], P2[1], P3[0], P3[1], P4[1], P4[2]

      Q1) We would like to know if there is a difference over those ports compared

      to others.


      Q2) If there isn’t a difference in terms of CapSense, what are the possible

      cause in design resulting it?