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    Problem in interfacing CY8CMBR2016 with keyboard controler (CY7C63413C)




      I'm working on a mechanical keypad replacement to get a USB capacitive keypad.

      My mechanical keypad controler is CY7C63413C (keyboard controler)

      I'm using CY8CMBR2016 to interface the capacitive keypad with the keyboard controler and get lines/columns (READ / SCAN)

      I adapted the controler software and it works.

      But, when i keep pressing the sensor, I get autorepeat in key (it is normal) and sometimes it sends the wrong key (while I keep pressing the sensor).

      I used a logic analyzer (in attachment you will find printscreen)

      - normal_scan_MBR2016.jpg :

           A normal scan : SCAN go low one after the other and READ is low according on which sensor is touched.

      - READ_problem_scan_MBR2016.jpg :

           The problem wrote above : SCAN go low one after the other but the READ keep staying low for two cycles. So it is low during two SCAN and my controler reads this as a second key pressed.

      - miss_READ_scan_MBR2016.jpg : it is an other problem, when i keep pressing a sensor, sometimes it miss it (so the READ line doesn't go low).


      I hope it is clear enough, if not, please, feel free to say,

      Many thanks in advance for your feedback !

      Best Regards

      Benjamin Recoules