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    About WICED HCI command of 'Open port'


      I'm using the following WICED environment of CYBT-343026-EVAL board and I control board by PC.



      I set up WICED Client Control and I pushed "Open Port".
      And I researched the Command-Log using Wireshark APL.

      1) 19:08:00:02:00:01:01    Set Visibility
      2) 19:09:00:01:00:01         Set Pairing Mode
      3) 19:02:ff:00:00                Get Version
      4) 19:05:23:02:00:13:00    ?
      5) 19:04:23:02:00:00:02    ?
      6) 19:02:00:02:00:01:01    Trace Enable


      I couldn't understand the meaning of the command 4) and 5).
      I couldn't find this command from WICEDHCI UART Control Protocol Document.
      Please teach me the meaning to this command 4) and 5).

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          The WICED HCI CONTROL Group value 0x23 (HCI_CONTROL_GROUP_LE_COC) (refer file hci_control_api.h) stands for LE L2CAP connection oriented channels settings.

          You can have a look at Client control source code (le_coc.cpp, app_le_coc.c) in the Wiced studio for reference.


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